Crescent Studios is an opportunity to explore your creativity. 

Through the means of music and theater classes, workshops, and individualized lessons, you will be able to experience the power of these art forms.

Crescent Studios provides high quality art instruction for people of all ages and abilities. Our dedicated teachers seek to help you nurture your inner creativity and bring about a sense of self that few other experiences can provide.



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What are the benefits of a performing arts education?



Music and theatre provide people with opportunities to think outside of the box. You can use your imagination to further develop your character or to compose a song. Skills in creativity transfer over easily to other areas of life as well.


Non-Verbal Communication



Much of theatre and music performance require those performing to be able to communicate non-verbally to get their point across.  Those involved in the peforming arts learn to use body language to convey emotion.



For many, the idea of getting up on a stage and performing is daunting. Music and theatre education can provide you with techniques to conquer this fear. There are few things that beat the rush you get after a performance.  



In performing arts education, constructive feedback is an essential part of the process. You will learn to be incredibly reflective and begin to realize that constructive feedback is necessary and valuable for your growth.



Music and theatre offer many opportunities through practice, rehearsal, and performance for problem solving. The creation of music and performance of theatre are based off of solutions to a problem. The skills learned in these settings are incredibly valuable in many areas of life.



Often, one of people's main reasons for participating in performing arts education is the community it builds. Musicians work with others in ensembles or they may collaborate with an accompanist. Theatre builds its own community. These shared experiences can result in really great friendships and a sensitivity to others that few other experiences can provide.



The performing arts are very rewarding, but can be challenging at times. You will learn what it takes to stick with something and the steps needed to get a great result.



When a person is committed to their performing arts education, they learn valuable skills for working in a group and with others. The work and dedication you put in will come back to you ten-fold in your successes and performances.



In music and theatre, there are a lot of things happening at the same time. A singer might be trying to focus on their breath at the same time as they are listening to their accompanist and also trying to stay in character. In theatre, you must pay attention to what is happening around you as well as on your own character. You will learn to multi-task and be aware of others.



The performing arts are a great lesson in reliability and accountability. When you are working collaboratively, it is important to realize that others' time and effort are valuable as well. These 21st-century skills are incredibly valuable in the professional world.

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